Frequently Asked Questions

Dealer Decks started working with dealers in 2020 as we worked our own way through COVID-19, looking for new and different ways to connect with customers digitally. Along the way, we’ve discovered that not only is Dealer Decks a great tool, it raises questions that need to be answered. Our hope is that as you read through these questions, you find answers that are relevant and immediately applicable. 

What is Dealer Decks?

Dealer Decks is a comprehensive landing page resource for all things automotive. Our aim is to elevate the trust consumers have in individual client advisors, and ultimately the dealerships they purchase from. We’re also building partnerships with secondary businesses that support the automotive industry, like individual insurance agents or their agencies.

What automotive brands do you partner with? 

We are currently working with BMW, MINI, and Ford dealers.

Profiles are in the works for Mercedes, Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, and Honda.

If your franchise brand isn’t listed, get in touch.

Start now and sell more.

Whether you are starting out in the auto industry or are a dealership wanting to provide your employees the best tools in the world, we've got your solution. Just pick your plan, complete the form, and you're on your way!

Let's get you a Dealer Deck!
Dealer Decks is in private beta for Q1 2021 and will be launching strong with a network of dealerships looking to give their employees a space to succeed online, improve their dealership visibility, and create more leads than ever before.