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Dealer Decks is a custom built landing page platform designed specifically for dealerships and automotive professionals, and geared toward family owned and non-corporate groups. 

Dealer Decks started in a local dealership in California to solve two problems while staying within OEM marketing guidelines.

Give advisors a better way to promote themselves and leverage their digital presence. 

Access plug-and-play landing pages on-demand for events and promotions. 

Time is money, and the delay in time between project submission to your third party vendor has always been a headache. With industry-leading response time, Dealer Decks will create your custom dealership landing pages, employee profiles, and event landing pages in a timely manner, allowing you to promote your events and product on your terms.

Secondary platform effects are important. Did you know:

Employee profiles provide high-quality backlinks, which can help lower SEO spend up to an average of $1000/link. This is critical in highly competitive markets, where local family owned or operated dealerships must overspend to compete with larger corporate dealer groups. Dealers who concentrate on their search engine optimization can save tens of thousands of dollars a month on their marketing and ad spend.

Peter Brecht, Principal

Peter Brecht is the Principal at Dealer Decks Peter is also the Sales Manager at BMW of Escondido and Principal at Dealer Decks. He’s the front-facing side of the business and leads customer development. When he’s not managing or networking with other dealers, he’s searching for that perfect surf or cup of coffee with his family.

Russ Cantu, Principal

Russ Cantu is the principal at Dealer Decks Putting the “sass” in SaaS, Russ is leading the backend and business development at Dealer Decks. He’s the owner of Catalyst Creative, a sought after marketing consultant, and the guy who takes off when his wife says he needs to get to the beach and relax with his family.

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Whether you are starting out in the auto industry or are a dealership wanting to provide your employees the best tools in the world, we've got your solution. Just pick your plan, complete the form, and you're on your way!

Let's get you a Dealer Deck!
Dealer Decks is in private beta for Q1 2021 and will be launching strong with a network of dealerships looking to give their employees a space to succeed online, improve their dealership visibility, and create more leads than ever before.